Customers turn to Ricmar in order to keep their grounds healthy and looking good.  We supply grounds maintenance products to governments, schools, as well as smaller firms.  Ricmar has both selective and non-selective product lines.  We offer the following grounds maintenance solutions:

  • Selective weed killers including SWK-102 and Select designed to kill broadleaf weeds.
  • Non-selective weed killers including Sure-Shot, Decimate, Hydro-Cide, Abolish, and Total.
  • Non-Residual weed killers including Weed-Con, Glypho-Kill, and Glypho-2.
  • Water Weed - Aquatic Weed Killer-Diquat
  • Retard - Vegetation Growth Retardant
  • Pena Soil - Soil Penetrant

Ricmar offers a long line of pest control products, including sprays, foggers, wipes and more for all pest control needs.  Companies of all types and sizes turn to Ricmar for pest control issues in order to assist with pest issues or prevention at their properties.  We offer the following in pest control solutions:

  • Wasp and hornet protection including Stinger spray, Wasp and Yellow Jacket Foam Spray, and Trap-Em yellow jacket and wasp traps.
  • Insect killer including Dual-Sect, Ricmar Residual, Fogging Insect Killer, In-Cide, Fogicide, X-Tinct, Dri-Cide, and Pow-I-Cide.
  • Insect repellents including Keep Away, Chase-M, Insect Shield wipes, Sun Skeeter wipes, and W.I.P Demon insecticide.
  • Mosquito control including Smoke-A-Cide fogging control, Eggo larvicide, and Bactimos Briquets larvicide.
  • Bed Bug - Bed Bug Killer for Fabrics
  • Repel - Deodorant Granules with Fly Control
  • Stick-A-Fly - Glue Trap for Flying Insects
  • Stick-A-Roach - Pest Catcher Glue Trap
  • Rodent control including AC Formula 90 bait, Dead End glue traps, and Bait Block.

Ricmar offers the highest quality winter season products.  Some of our top selling products include our ice melting products.  Companies of all sizes turn to Ricmar to keep their sidewalks, parking lots, and entryways safe from ice.  We also offer a line of de-icers specifically designed for windshields and locks.  Our winter products include the following:

  • Ice melting products including Ice Erase, Miracle Melt, Melts, and Ice Flow.
  • Blade-Eze - Snow Plow Blade Coating
  • Slick - Multi-Purpose Release Coating
  • Ice-Off - Windshield and Lock De-Icers
  • Salt Away - Ice Melt Rinse Aid
  • Residue Free - Residue Remover
  • Heatworks - Hand and Foot Warmers