Ricmar Industries recognizes the importance of caring for the world's environment as well as ensuring a safer workplace.  Our Ecological Liquids and Ecologic aerosols are manufactured with the environmentally preferable chemistry to help ensure the earth's natural ecological balance.  Our products are designed in an environmentally conscious manner from materials that are biodegradable, toxin free, petroleum distillate free, VOC compliant, and contain no ozone depletors.  Whenever possible, ingredients are derived from renewable resources. Fragrances are screened for sensitivity and dyes must be approved by the FDA.  Our Ecological liquid products are Green Seal Certified: meeting the standards set for institutional cleaners.  Our Ecologic aerosol products have greener chemistry, and greener propellant systems than conventional products.  We will constantly minotor our product line so you can feel good about the products you are using.

We offer the following Ecologicals:

  • GREEN SEAL All Purpose Cleaner
  • GREEN SEAL Bathroom Cleaner
  • GREEN SEAL Non-Solvent Cleaner Degreaser
  • e.COAT Zinc-Free Floor Finish
  • ALL-AROUND Bathroom Cleaner
  • e.MULSIFY Floor Stripper
  • SOYL-SAFE Solvent Degreaser
  • GREEN SEAL Glass Cleaner Concentrate
  • ECO-FRESH Fabric and Upholstery Refresher
  • ECO-COIL Foaming Coil Cleaner
  • CONTRO-MIST Organic Degreaser